Camping & Lodge

The campsite next to the lake and part of it in the forest includes 95 parking spaces, of which 60 are available with electricity.
In addition, we have cabins near from the lake incl. refrigerator, coffee maker, water boiler and hot plate.

  Size Bed's Double bed
1 Gädda small 3 yes
2 Abborre small 4 no
3 Öring small 4 no
4 Harr small 4 no
5 Sik small 3 yes
6 Lax small 3 yes
7 Älg big 6 no
8 Björn big 4 yes
9 Varg big 6 no
10 Bäver big 4 yes

Showers, toilets and dish washing facilities can be found each in the main building and in the summer house.
There is also a sitting room. In bad weather it offers kitchen facilities or invites you to play games or sit and talk together.

Campground Map